We can help you improve patient care

In today’s healthcare industry, patients are oftentimes left to engage with a new and different provider at every level of their stay; a different ER doctor, a different hospitalist group, and a different SNF physician or provider. Care can be fragmented which can lead to confusion, frustration, and dissatisfaction for the patient and their families.
Inpatient Physician Associates is involved in all components of healthcare beginning with the Episode of Care, the ER visit. In order to effectively manage a patient’s Episode of Care, Inpatient Physician Associates deploys state of the art work flow automation, practice communication and a program management support system that supervises a patient across the continuum of care. 
  1. ER
    Our philosophy is that a dedicated group of highly qualified physicians, who have a vested interest in the success of the department, should staff the ED. IPA also believes that the key to a successful ED is in developing real solutions for improved performance and reduce risk.
  2. Acute Care
    IPA has leveraged its experience to develop an unequaled set of Hospitalist workflow automation, practice communication and program management support systems. We have invested in a technology that streamlines practice flow. This system includes an automated admit/discharge notification to PCPs and specialists which improves patient handoffs.
  3. Post Acute Care
    IPA’s care of patients extends beyond the walls of the hospital. IPA is enrolled in Medicare’s BPCI program which encourages active involvement in the transition of patients from the acute care setting to the post-acute.
  4. Perioperative Care
    IPA has extensive experience in perioperative medicine. We are able to provide both inpatient medical co-management and outpatient pre-operative evaluations. For more information, please call Melanie at 214-696-8033.