About Us

Inpatient Physician Associates was founded in 1999 by a group of physicians dedicated to provide Hospitalist coverage across acute and post acute settings in North Texas. Since then, Inpatient Physician Associates has grown to nearly 70 affiliated providers practicing in multiple locations across Texas.   
Inpatient Physician Associates' operations include clinical and administrative services. These include, but are not limited to: physician recruitment, comprehensive training programs, patient contact management programs, and automated workflows to ensure communication with the referring physician. Inpatient Physician Associates also has a comprehensive back office functionality, such as billing and accounting. IPA's highly trained Medical Directors can also assist with clinical development, clinical leadership, and performance improvement initiatives.  

  1. Dedicated Clinical Team
    We have a dedicated clinical team of Physicians, Advanced Clinical Practitioners and Transitional Care Coordinators. Our clinical team is managed by experienced, Board Certified Medical Directors from Inpatient Physician Associates.
  2. Administrative Support
    Our highly skilled administrative and back office team will ensure there is no delay with your patients' History & Physicals, Discharge Summaries, or Home Health Orders. We are in constant communication with our patient's Primary Care and Specialist Physicians.
  3. Analytics
    Inpatient Physician Associates deploys a program management support system to effectively and efficiently manage patients across the continuum of care. Our performance is reviewed relative to your facility's strategic clinical and operational goals.